15 tactics used in link building for an eCommerce Website

 While link building for an eCommerce website is one of the most challenging phases of SEO, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

The key to successful eCommerce link building is to develop the right content strategies and outreach techniques, as this will enable you to build quality links more efficiently and boost the visibility of your landing pages and site as a whole.

You have built an attractive online store, fitted with all the bells and whistles. However, all this might be a wasted effort if no one visits your site. This is where eCommerce SEO comes in handy.

Search engine optimization allows your dropshipping store to rank high in search queries. And just as SEO is vital to the discovery of your brand, link building is essential in making this optimization a success. It would be best to have a sound link building for an eCommerce website to make search engines view your site favorably.

After all, links to your site are among the top three criteria that Google uses to rank your website. Since everyone competes for the same top spots on the query results page, link building is often time-consuming and challenging. Nevertheless, you can still successfully fulfill it and set your eCommerce on the path to industry-wide recognition.

In this piece, we outline and explore tactics used in link building for eCommerce that you can put into action to achieve tangible results. Links to your site are useless if you can’t convert the resultant traffic.

Guest Post on Relevant Websites

This is an attempted and actual tactic if you do it properly. When you write an excellent guest post for a website, you’re giving them something of value. Therefore, most websites that allow guest posts expect and are okay with giving you a relevant link or two back to your website in the posts you offer.

In addition to earning you links, this tactic provides you an opportunity to reach a new public that may not be common with your website or brand yet, possibly bringing you new traffic and followers.

For guest posting to work, you have to be diplomatic about it and do some real job. It would be best if you were concerned to find blogs targeting the same readers that you want to reach and appropriate to your industry or products. A guest post on an unrelated blog isn’t worth your time. Also, look for blogs that have readers and authority. A guest post on a blog that no one visits without any free SEO authority isn’t worth your time either.

Once you’ve known blogs that are good targets for guest posts, take some time to research the topics they cover, the style they write in, and who’s holding them. Any topic you pitch needs to be valuable to their audience for them to accept it.

And while it does need a lot of work, make sure the post you write for them is top-notch content. At worst, lazy content won’t get written, and you won’t earn links after all. But even if it does get written, it won’t change anyone in their audience to come to check you out.

Create Content Partnerships with Relevant Sites

There are brands out there that produce something similar or equivalent to what you sell without direct opponents. These are good brands to think of for content partnerships.

You can work out a deal to produce content for them while making content for you. On both sides, you have to make sure that the content created makes sense for the other brand’s audience and is appropriate, and fits their overall content strategy.

Or you can think of ways to produce content together, like joint webinars or working together on a research subject. By working together, you can drill into the talent and resources you both have to try and increase your audiences by reaching all the people you have invited. And you’ll both get some new eCommerce links in the process.

Partner with Local Businesses

When you’re an eCommerce business, “local” doesn’t certainly mean the same situation as it does when you have a business with a storefront. Even so, your business is based around. There’s a local area you can get connected with to produce new connections and possibilities. Get out to local networking issues and get to know some of the companies in the field.

The connections you make in your company community can change into mutually profitable partnerships, including in the form of eCommerce links to your website. If you join social professional or industry standards, you can get links in their records or participate in their events or marketing.

A local company owner selling similar or related products to yours can become a development partner. If you sell dog collars, the local business owner that sells homemade dog treats could help your collars in a blog post while you support her treats in a giveaway that puts her profile while serving your customers as well.

Utilizing local relationships into partnerships that serve you both (and earn you links) can require some creativity. Still, it can be a convenient way to raise awareness of your brand and get some valuable links together.

Look for Sponsorship Opportunities

Look for events and businesses in your industry that seek support. Becoming a supporter will cost you money, but the money gives off both in goodwill from the city that values those events or organizations, along with links back to your website and notices of your eCommerce brand in any materials linked with the event or organization.

Offer Free Products for Review

Look for affiliate websites and influencers who draft product reviews for items related to what you sell and stand out with a proposal to present them with a free product in the market for a review.

This approach only works if you’re sure about your products (which you should be!). You can’t need good reviews, and you can hope for them. But think you make the offer especially to website owners. In that case, you’re sure you are a good fit for your product; getting reviews raises (hopefully positive) information of your product and will generally earn you an eCommerce link back to your website as well.

Host PR-Worthy Events

Branded events can take a lot of various forms. You could host an awards dinner for your business, put on a show, or create a class. As we wait out the pandemic, many of these can even be turned into virtual events. And once in-person meetings are safe again, people will be that much more excited to attend. 

Whatever event you come up with, if it’s entertaining, inspiring, or helpful, then it’s PR-worthy. You can help relevant publications and writers drum up interest and get coverage of it around the web. With that, coverage will surely come links.

Be informed that setting on an event is costly. It will be worth the cost if you intend to go beyond earning links – such as more significant media applications, new customers, or some other benefit. But it’s an attractive way to earn links for your eCommerce links website as well.

Start Charity Projects

There are a lot of websites that are well to amplify any project. It’s an obvious way for them to feel like they’re backing out. If you set up a donation drive by your eCommerce links business, start a scholarship, or pick a week to give a percentage of your profits to an important cause – those are all things that other websites are likely to cover or back to their users.

Again, this is a plan that will become a cost for you and is most remarkable to do for reasons other than just making links (like, in this case, helping other people), but it can be an attractive way to earn links as well.

Do Original Research

Buzzsumo’s research on what types of content most consistently get links found that original research is one of the most secure ways to build links to your website. If you question why that force is, look back at the start of this paragraph. Whenever someone cites a statistic or seeing that comes from your research, they’ll link the following to you.

Producing original research isn’t certainly easy, but it’s mighty and can be worth the resources you put into it.

Think questions that your users and other businesses in your industry have that you could help explain with a survey or analysis. If you see a chance for statistics or research that hasn’t been done (or that you can do better), take it!

Look for Brand Mentions Around the Web

Anytime someone suggests your brand around the web, it’s a chance to link back to your website.

First, you need to find websites that have noticed your brand. You can use Google for this, but you can reasonably find more websites secure with a paid tool like Moz. You should also set up a Google Alert for your brand name so you’ll get an email every time a website mentions your brand anew moving forward.

Then, try to identify data on who’s going to that website so you can contact them to ask them to add an eCommerce links website where they consider your brand. For tactics used in link building for eCommerce, take time to visit the webpage before you contact anybody to make sure that:

  • The website is really mentioning your brand and didn’t just happen to use an expression that held your brand name (this is especially important if you have a brand name that covers words people regularly use); and
  • The notice of your brand name is positive. Chances are a website owner who doesn’t like your brand or product will assist you out with a link.

You’re still asking a guest to do you a service here, so there’s a reasonable risk that many people you contact will neglect you or refuse to make the change. But since you know these are websites where you’re on their radar, and they’ve previously mentioned your brand, they’re more likely to add your link than someone with no link to your eCommerce brand at all.

Create Skyscraper Content

The skyscraper method is a tactic used in link building for eCommerce to the competitive side of SEO. To maintain one of the top spots for a target keyword in Google, you have to beat someone else out of the rankings. That suggests you don’t just want to create great content, and you need to produce content that’s better than what’s currently ranking now.

This technique includes three main steps:

  • Examine what’s ranking now for the keywords you want to target, and essentially try to identify low-hanging fruit problems where the ranking content is old or low quality.
  • Build a piece of content that goes over and behind what’s already out there. That could mean making it more accurate, adding additional types of media to demonstrate better what you’re saying (e.g., throwing in some short tutorial videos throughout a how-to post), or creating up-to-date content where opponents’ are lagging. Even better, it could mean doing all of the above. For this system to work, though, your content must be good enough that other people will agree it’s the best choice on the topic out there.
  • Find the websites linking to your opponents now, and reach out to tell them about your new, more helpful content. Make a strike for why it’s better than the page they’re linking to immediately, so they’ll consider changing their link over to your page. 

Create Comprehensive Buyer’s Guides

Over half of customers say they regularly research before making a possession. People want to make educated decisions with their money. If you can produce content that supports them make more educated decisions, you can potentially earn links and earn companies near the point of purchase in the process. 

Try to conceive of every issue and consideration a customer considering your products might have. Then get to work solving those questions in a helpful, complete buyer’s guide.

When planning your guides, be careful not to make them too promotional. If it seems like a design to buying your goods specifically, many visitors will lose trust. If, rather, you’re giving general information about choosing the best output for each reader’s need, they’ll be more likely to trust you as a reliable source. And giving unbiased content that’s genuinely helpful is much more likely to earn you links around the web from other sites that know their readers are looking for that kind of information. 

Create FAQ content

Your company likely fields a lot of the related questions from consumers over and over repeatedly. Your company’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) are content and link-building chance. If there’s something special your customers are questioning about, other characters likely are too. If you can build the go-to answer to that question, other sites will link back to you, and you can get a ranking spot on Google when customers go looking for that data. 

If you now have an FAQ page on your website, you can begin using the data contained there but growing each topic into its piece of content. If you don’t know which questions your clients have the most often, try talking to your client service and sales offices. They have a list of the questions and interests they hear frequently. And as a bonus, the content you create can make their jobs more convenient as well. 

Look for Relevant Broken Links Around the Web

Broken link building has grown into a pretty big subset of link building in recent years. The concept is that if you can find patterns on another website of a link that no more outstanding works than before went to content related to something you’ve built, you can contact the website owner to recommend they change the link to your resource.

You’re doing something helpful for them by finding a split link they don’t know is there yet and submitting an easy replacement, which means they’re that much more inclined to take your advice and add your link to their website.

Finding appropriate broken links can be time-consuming, but SEO tools can help make it a little more comfortable and faster. You can begin with these tactics used in link building for eCommerce by looking for patterns of broken links likely to match the content you already have. Still, you can also extend this approach to begin creating high-value content that would make a proper replacement for broken links you see.

Contact Discount Sites and Listings

Do you give any special discounts for specific sections of people? Many eCommerce sites give discounts for students, veterans, teachers, or essential artists. And many websites put together listings of discount characters in each category that can take profit of. Please do some analysis to find sites that point their guests toward stores where they can experience discounts. Then get in the ability to let them know they can add one more.

This one only goes if you’re ready to honor all discounts you require to offer. But discounts can be a way to help more sales and earn links, so this is another quick link-building strategy that offers additional business benefits. 

Feature Influencers

People manage to link to websites they understand, and they’re that much extra likely to link to a website that introduces them in a positive light.

Recognize some of the everyday critical influencers in your business and consider some good ways to help them. You could ask them to present a quote for a blog post you’re working on, or if they are the featured guest in a webinar, you’re establishing up. If you can offer them something that works to help them develop their brand, they’ll also be likely to participate and promote the content you’ve highlighted them in.

This cannot be easy because the more well-known an influencer is, they’ll often take requests like this from other people. You don’t want to have one more difficulty in their inbox, but you want to start a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Make sure you remember what you can offer them here, and think about reaching out to people and brands that aren’t super well known just yet. That person in your industry with 1,000 followers will be quicker to help you out than the guy with 1 million but still provides an opportunity to expand your reach.

Feature Customer Stories

This is good shopping advice in general. When your possible clients can see actual stories from your current clients, they are more likely to change. But it can also be necessary for link building.

A rational consumer story can work as a case study to illustrate principles someone force point to proof of in a blog post. For instance, that writer declaring that a good pair of running shoes make a variation could link to your client’s story about someone who built their running time after buying your shoes.

If you can take an incredibly moving story, it could inspire people to share it because it evokes emotion. The two that found each other through their shared love of your products and got married despite great odds could leave somebody feeling inspired and wanting to share the tale.

People link to people, creating content that features the people your brand exists for and can give other people something to connect with. It’s those connections that often lead to shares and links.

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