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If you are looking for a Result-Oriented SEO expert from India to manage all of your website traffic related issues, then I will be more than happy to assist you.

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What is Considered as a Long Tail Keyword in SEO?

Are you unable to rank for the same keywords as your competitors? Well, in that case, I have got three words that can prove to be a solution to your problem: “Long Tail Keywords” But, how will these long-tail keyword in SEO help in boosting the ranking of your page on the SERPs? These keywords…

How to do Keyword Research for Blog Posts?

In a world where Google updates keep us on our toes, one thing that has stayed consistent to rank content on the SERPs is Keyword Research. SEO is evolving rapidly, and no matter what new changes will be introduced in the future, keyword research was, is, and will be an essential aspect of optimizing your…

How To Implement An SEO Campaign Strategy?

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most critical components of all digital marketing strategies. It refers to the technique of boosting the search engine ranking of a website, increasing overall visibility, and helping businesses get more leads. To rank higher on the SERPs, you need to create an effective SEO campaign strategy.  …

15 tactics used in link building for an eCommerce Website

 While link building for an eCommerce website is one of the most challenging phases of SEO, it can also be one of the most rewarding. The key to successful eCommerce link building is to develop the right content strategies and outreach techniques, as this will enable you to build quality links more efficiently and boost the visibility of your…

The complete guide for an ECommerce SEO

If you desire to generate more traffic and sales to your ECommerce website, then On-page SEO and then Technical SEO is a critical first step. There are several how-to articles and guides on the web allowing general SEO advice, but far less than specifically addresses the needs of ECommerce businesspeople. Today, we’d love to provide…

Ultimate Checklist to Technical SEO for Ecommerce Websites

A website’s visibility on search engine results is increased using Search Engine Optimization that involves improving the website’s quality and optimization of its content. SEO practices for ecommerce websites are different from traditional SEO as they involve inventory management and various technical aspects such as Javascript frameworks that don’t usually appear in SEO for websites…


I took a consultation from Ankur for my website because I was declining in traffic. He helps me with his experiences and we got the results. Really Ankur knows what he is doing. Highly recommend it to others.

Arbind Kumar

Arbind Kumar


I hired Ankur for my Website SEO services and found him very practical towards his work, he practices only white hat SEO, looking for business in the future also. Highly recommend.

Sandeep Tripathi

Sandeep Tripathi

Yes Fitness (Owner)

We have consulted Ankur for Link building services for our company website and Our traffic was increased by 140% in just 4 months. Thanks, Ankur and your team to help us in reaching such a fast result. Looking forward to future business again.

Seema Dubey

Seema Dubey

M/S Precised Talent (Director)

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Hey Folks, I am Ankur Shukla! and I am the person who is behind this website. I am a Result-Oriented SEO expert, certified from the University of California, Davis with 5+ years of experience. Improved organic search rankings from page 3 to Top 5 for many high-competition keywords for brands and increased their organic traffic by 210%. You can consider me as the Best SEO expert in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and, NCR. Through my blog, I intend to create simple and easy-to-understand content that will help you to understand SEO in a much better way. I will be responsible for managing all of your SEO activities such as content strategy, link building, and keyword strategy to increase rankings on all major search networks to maximize ROI. I love to travel and hiking.

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